Dr. Kira is an awesome physical therapist and being her patient has been such a pleasant experience! In addition to the injury I began seeing her for, we worked on optimizing a lot of movements and muscle groups that are critical to the activities I am involved in (jiu jitsu and salsa dancing). I have learned so much about my body and how to move it optimally. Whenever I had questions or wanted to go over the challenges I was having with certain movements, Dr. Kira was able to quickly assess, explain in a way that was easy to understand, and make the necessary corrections. It is also great that Dr. Kira trains jiu jitsu, so I didn’t have to worry about explaining the positions and difficulties I was having in those specific positions due to my injury. Finally, Dr. Kira is very friendly and easy to communicate with. It is always a pleasure to work and speak with her. I highly recommend Dr. Kira and will definitely work with her in the future! – Leo, BJJ

Dr. Kira Markus is very experienced and professional. I felt very comfortable with her as she pushed me to uncomfortable places to help me reach my goals. I originally saw her for back pain and wrist pain. She somehow diagnosed it to be my lack of shoulder and back mobility. When we found out what the problem was, we were able to make progress and gains. I highly recommend her if you want someone that is high energy and is willing to push you get stronger and healthier. – Chris E. – Firefighter

I cannot express enough how appreciative and grateful  I am for Dr. Kira. For the longest time I dealt with heel discomfort not knowing what actually happened to cause it.  I chalked it up to Overuse from box jumps, running and jump rope and figured a few days or a week of rest would remedy it. That was not the case. I didn’t want to believe that I actually had something going on. I found tons of IG posts and YouTube videos to resource, however I didn’t quite know what I was resourcing. I finally decided to seek help from Dr. Kira and within my first visit she diagnosed I had plantar Facitis.  Attending regular PT visits and doing my required homework exercises, I am proud to say I am pain free!!!! – Denise Fry, PFC CrossFit Coach

I started seeing Dr. Kira after coming through my gym and my chiro recommended her.  I’ve been having chronic shoulder pain and slight mobility issues ever since starting BJJ; about 3 years.  I saw her weekly for 2-3 months; working various movements that’ll help with a particular muscle in my shoulder.   After my first session, I got full mobility back with the workout she showed me.  We kept working on new and different movements every week. Because of the sudden improvement after the first week, I was a bit disappointed in the chronic pain not dissipating  quickly after.  But I kept going and kept working on the movement at home/gym.  After a few months and focusing on the movement that felt helpful, my shoulder pain started to go away. Dr. Kira’s knowledge and her experience in BJJ really helped with my injury.  I am ecstatic about my shoulder finally healing after years of constant pain.  As soon as I felt the huge knot in my shoulder finally disappear, I knew my chronic pain was over…for now (we are always in pain from BJJ). Go see her if you want to heal your body! – Joe S. – BJJ

Highly recommend Dr. Kira to anyone ready to get back to your daily routine and much more. After breaking both my ACL and Meniscus  Dr. Kira efficiently got me back to being at my peak physically and mentally. Very knowledgeable, understanding, and pushes you slowly to get where you need to be without over doing it. – Luis F. – Soccer 

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